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Peter Bynum: Illuminated Paint

New York Public Library: The 5th Avenue Windows | 2014 |

“PETER BYNUM OPENS NEW TERRITORY FOR PAINTING by exposing paint’s intrinsic branching behavior, and then illuminating the complex nervous system it creates. The three-dimensional, illuminated paintings on glass, with biomorphic forms swimming in light and space, are full of cosmic energy and ecstatic beauty.”

– AREZOO MOSENI, Host, “The New York Public Library’s Artist Lecture Series”

Curated by Arezoo Moseni, this solo exhibition includes 17 site-specific paintings created for the Library’s 5th Avenue windows. Illuminated 24/7 for nine months, an estimated 9 million people viewed the exhibition.

The New York Public Library Lecture Series
A lecture presented by Peter Bynum at the New York Public Library
October 7, 2014

New York Publiuc Library 2


Peter Bynum at New York Public Library

NYPL Small Window 5th Avenue Violet & Cobalt Blue

NYPL Small Inside Cobalt/Red/Green

NYPL Small Inside Cobalt and Quin Red

Peter Bynum at New York Public Library

Peter Bynum at New York Public Library

NYPL Window 2, 5th Avenue

Window No. 4, orange purple green

Peter Bynum at New York Public Library

Press Release, New York Public Library